Our Preschool programme consists of Playschool and Pre kg focuses on nurturing skills as per the progression of the age of children from 1½ Years to 3 years. Preschool or Toddlers Programme focuses on developing the Absorbent Mind, Physical Coordination and Gross Motor Skills and as the child grows it focuses on developing Fine Motor skills, perceptual & creativity skills. Thereby making a Play group or Toddlers ready for stepping into academic and extra-curricular learning.

STAR KIDS Pre School prepares the children for bigger schools installing self confidence and independence in them. Once child starts coming to our school, then a kind of lenient routine sets into her / his life, which will stay with her / him and help her / him further to adjust to a bigger school without any difficulty. We make them ready for advancing into a hi-tech world that they will soon be brushing shoulders with.

In our nursery stage we introduce children to basic learning activities like language, counting, scribbling, general knowledge, rhymes, recognition of flowers, animals, fruits, vegetables, painting, etc. We try to instill this information into children through song, dance, storytelling etc… So in this process the information that we want children to learn gets well-cemented in their hearts.

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